Pupil Premium

In 2010 the Government established the Pupil Premium Grant which was introduced in 2011-12 to provide targeted funding to close the achievement gap between pupils brought up in economically disadvantaged homes and their more affluent peers. You will find below documents detailing how we at Bournville Infant School have allocated the funding we have received:

Pupil Premium Grant 2017 2018

Pupil Premium Grant 2016 2017

Pupil Premium Grant 2015 2016

Pupil Premium Grant 2014 2015

Pupil Premium Grant 2013 2014

Pupil Premium Grant 2012 2013

Pupil Premium Grant 2011 2012

From September 2016, schools are required to publish a Pupil Premium Strategy.  The strategy ensures that parents are fully informed about the amount of allocation, barriers faced by eligible pupils, how the funding is to be spent, what effect this has on eligible pupils and a review of the strategy.

You will find below reports detailing this:

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2018 2019

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2017 2018

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2016 2017

Pupil Premium Report 2015 2016

Pupil Premium Report 2014 2015