The Principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage

The Early Years Framework states that every child deserves the best possible start in life enabling them to fullfil their potential. The Early Years Foundation Stage sets the standards that all early years providers must meet to ensure that children learn and develop well and are kept healthy and safe.
It promotes teaching and learning to ensure children’s readiness and gives them a broad range of knowledge and skills that promote the right foundation for good future progress through school and life.


There are four principles underpinning the Early Years Foundation Stage.

The Unique Child
Every child is unique, constantly learning, being resilient, capable, confident and self assured and it is important the provision we offer responds to children’s ideas and interests.

Positive Relationships
Children learn to be strong and independent through high quality interaction with adults and peers. The role of both teachers and teaching assistants is vital to ensure children’s learning is moved forward. We do not underestimate the valuable contribution you as parents make to your child’s education and growth. There will be many opportunities for you to be actively involved in your child’s learning journey and I will go through a few of these later.

The Enabling Environment
Children learn and develop well in a stimulating and well resourced environment which responds to their individual needs. We provide provision both indoors and outdoors which support and enhance children’s learning.

Learning and Developemnt
Children develop and learn in different ways so it is important that teachers ensure there are challenging and playful opportunities across the areas of development.

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