Preparing for Year 1


The summer term is a busy time preparing the children for their transition to Year 1. To ensure that this transition is smooth we provide many opportunities for the children to meet their new teachers and for the teachers to meet to discuss each ‘Unique Child’.

School Readiness

The Summer term in Reception allows the children to prepare for the challenges of Year 1. Children are encouraged to become more independer learners, working in larger groups and concentrating for longer periods of time.

Meeting the Year 1 Teachers

There are many opportunities in July for the children to meet their new teacher:

  • Year 1 teachers are invited to Reception’s Garden Party to join in with the celebrations.
  • Year 1 teachers visit Reception to learn with the children and enjoy the activities as the children explore and investigate.

Reception teachers also meet with the Year 1 teachers to discuss each child’s individual learning and progress and to gain a picture of each unique child.

Parents are also sent a questionnaire at the end of the year which helps their child’s new teacher to get to know their child even better and help support the smooth transition process.