Maths at BIS

Mathematics at Bournville Infant School reflects the recent important changes in maths, moving  away from a curriculum of breadth (children being accelerated through to new content too early) to one of depth. This means all children will aim to build a deep understanding of concepts so they can apply their skills fluently and flexibly by being challenged to solve increasingly complex problems before tacking new content. They achieve this by using a variety of ‘concrete’ materials such as cubes, counters, Numicon and dienes as well as pictorial representations. There is a growing focus on children using mathematical reasoning to answer questions and respond to statements such as ‘Prove it, ‘How do you know?‘ and Explain’. At Bournville Infant School we SNIVEL!!

S –   Do some maths, then stop

N –  Notice something

I –    Investigate further, does it always happen?

V –   Verbalise and visualise (what does it look like?)

E –    Explain why

L –    Lead on and link (what if…)


Bournville Infant School Calculation Policy

Bournville Infant School Mathematics Curriculum Overviews

Reception Yearly Maths Curriculum Overview


Year 1 Yearly Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 1 Autumn Overview

Year 1 Spring Overview

Year 1 Summer Overview


Year 2 Yearly Maths Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Autumn Overview

Year 2 Spring Overview

Year 2 Summer Overview