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Creative Arts Week

The children explore a range of art and craft techniques, aswell as participate in music, drama and dance activities.

Book Week

The children turn into authors and get to write their own stories, create front covers of books, dress up as their favourite authors characters and meet a real life author too!

As well as having a special themed week, we also have special events which take place throughout the year either specific to each year group or as a whole school.

Diwali Party Day

Following a unit of work learning about the Festival of Light, the children experience dancing, stories, food and customs from the Hindu faith. Visitors include dancers, story tellers and musicians.


Phonics Workshop

Parents are invited to join their child in a Phonics Workshop. This is held in the Autumn term and includes a short presentation to parents about how they can support their child with phonics at home. Parents are then shown how phonics is taught in school with their child’s teacher and the whole class. Finally parents and children can then do a host of exciting, fun and messy activities focusing on letters and sounds.

Problem Solving Day

Parents are invited to join their child in a problem solving mathematics trail. This is based on the theme traditional tales. There are lots of activities for adults to do with their children. We can ensure that learning and fun will certainly go hand in hand!


Year 1

Mathematics Trail

Year 1 parents are invited to take part in a mathematics trail with their children. This includes lots of fun, practical activities.

Animal/Wildlife Talk by Tropical Inc

The ‘animal man’ visits school with a collection of animals including a mammal, bird, reptile and arachnid to support our work on animals. Children experience the animals at close hand and learn how to respect and value wildlife. The children also look after a brood of chicks as part of their Science curriculum and learn about their lifecycle at first hand!

Pirate Day

This is an exciting end to the topic of ‘Pirates’ where the children get the chance to dress up in their best pirate outfits and take part in a range of fun pirate activities.

Year 2

Literacy Trail

Parents are invited to take part in a literacy trail with their child. There are lots of fun activity stations to visit and these all support learning back in the classroom.

Medieval day

The children are invited to come to school as princess, knights or princes. they bake bread for a medieval feast, practise their best sword fighting and medieval dancing.

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