Robin class blog- Autumn 2 Week 4

By Hannah Spencer on Sunday, December 2, 2018 in Year 1. No Comments

Hello Robins,

We have had another great week in Robins class!

In English we looked at using the suffix ‘-ed’ and we wrote some sentences using some ed words- I was so impressed with your capital letters, finger spaces and full stops! Then for received a letter from Grandma Pat who was asking for our help! She needed to know what toy would be best to buy her grandchildren for Christmas. We then had our own toy museum in Year 1 and we visited Owls and Swans to see if we could choose a toy to recommend. Then on Friday we wrote a letter back to Grandma Pat with all of our suggestions and reasons.

In Maths this week we continued to focus on addition but moved on to looking at counting on as a way of adding two numbers together. We did some practical work using number lines and counters and then moved on to answering some reasoning and problem solving questions. I was so impressed with the way you all thought so carefully about the reasoning and problem solving questions- well done!

This week in Art we created some Winter pictures- we all loved this activity! We used paint to create a background and card to make a penguin to stick over the top of the wintery background. Then we used different craft items to decorate the penguin with hats, scarves and ice burgs. I am so impressed with your final pieces and it was lovely to see how much you enjoyed this activity. In Computing this week we used the IPADS to create a pictogram all about the classes favourite fruit. In History we looked at some pictures of old and new toys and did our best to sort them into two groups. We learnt that old toys were mostly made of wood or tin and some new toys make sounds and can move.

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow.

Love Miss Spencer x

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