Sycamore Learning Blog: Autumn 2, Week 1

By Mr Hall on Sunday, November 11, 2018 in News. 2 Comments

Hello everyone and welcome back to another Sycamore Learning Blog! Half term already seems long ago, but it was good to see the children looking refreshed and enthusiastic as ever to return to school this week. We’ve had a busy one, so read on to find out more!

With it being a new half term, we spent the week introducing the first part of our new topic – The First World War. We will be doing this part of the topic for a couple of weeks, before moving on to look at the second part, Plants. The children had some good prior knowledge about the War, and have been keen to share things from home that they have learned. On Tuesday, we received a mysterious tin filled with exciting items – a cross, a poppy, a Cadbury’s wrapper, a photograph of a soldier, a diary entry and a picture of an unusual statue. Some of the children immediately recognised it as the Bournville War Memorial, and were very excited for us to go on a visit on Wednesday! Or rather, we would have… if the Great British weather hadn’t intervened! Instead, we were able to visit the memorial on Thursday, where the children learned more about the soldiers from the local area who went away to fight, and some who sadly never returned. We then held a minute’s silence as a mark of respect.

In Maths this week, the children have been revising their addition and subtraction skills that we were learning before half term. It has been really pleasing to see their confidence grow as they have practiced more! These skills are really important building blocks for solving problems and being able to reason; if you would like any help in further supporting your child, please come and let me know. I have set some revision Sumdog homework, which is a great place to start! Over the next couple of weeks, we will be moving onto the next unit: Money.

Elsewhere this week, we began our new DT project by exploring the design features of different kinds of bags. The children will build up to designing and then making their own bag by sewing different materials as the half term progresses. In History, we looked at putting famous historical events in chronological order using a timeline. I certainly have some budding historians in Sycamore! In Music, we listened to and appraised the new song we will be learning over the next few weeks in the run up to Christmas. In Jigsaw, we played a fun new game called ’10 things I know about you’ which really tested the children on how well they knew their friends, before completing an activity about the similarities between the children. And in Computing, we have moved onto our E-Safety unit of work; this week, we discussed how to safely search for and share information using the World Wide Web and Purple Mash.

Just a quick note for parents. As I’m sure you have heard from the children, our class assembly is coming up soon! A letter has been sent home with the details, but I will repeat them here. Our assembly will be on Tuesday 20th November at 9:00 and parents/carers are welcome to attend. Please could you send in the costume detailed on your child’s letter (but if this is not possible, own clothes in dark colours would be perfect!); if this has been misplaced, please let me know. If you could support your children with learning their words, that would be much appreciated. We hope to put on a spectacular show!

Thanks for reading this week. See you on Monday!

Mr Hall 🙂

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  • Poppy says:

    Hello Mr Hall,

    I have been really enjoying learning about World wars and have been excited to practice our assembly. I have just done my grade 1 ballet exam, I was really worried before I went in but I had lots of fun doing it and the examiner was really nice .

    See you tomorrow,

    Love from Poppy

    • Mr Hall says:

      Hello Poppy! I’m glad you’ve found our topic on WW1 interesting. I’m very much looking forward to our assembly! You speak your lines very clearly, well done 🙂 I’m sure your ballet exam went really well, keep up the good work Poppy!

      Mr Hall 🙂