Robins- Autumn 2 Week 1

By Hannah Spencer on Saturday, November 10, 2018 in Year 1. No Comments

Hello Robins,

It was lovely seeing you all this week, you were all ready for learning after a great half term break. Its going to be such a fun half term, there’s so many exciting learning opportunities.

We began the week by beginning our new topic all about Toys! First we thought about what we already knew about toys and what we would like to find out. We had questions such as, ‘How do toys move?’ and ‘Where are toys made?’ which we can find out the answers to during our topic. Then started some very exciting learning all about a special book. We were introduced to some characters called Jim, Mr Underbed and Crinkle and Crumple! We used the beautiful illustrations and story line to make some predictions, sketch characters and write a letter.

In Maths this week we have been looking at part-part- whole models. I wonder if you could draw one for your grown up at home and explain what they are? We used these models to help us partition numbers and we used them to add some numbers together. We will be continuing to learn all about addition next week and look at some of our number bonds to 10. I have set some SumDog homework linked to addition so if you get a couple of minutes you could take a look at it.

In Computing this week we looked at sorting objects into different groups which you did brilliant job of and next week we will be using our Purple Mash program to sort objects on IPADs. In Science this week we started our learning all about plants and we looked at the different parts of plants and tree and what the job of each part was. We also learnt all about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. Then you all decorated some of your own poppies. They looked beautiful, well done!

We have a new homework sheet to give out next week so if you could all bring your red homework books in next week we can get them stuck in for you.

Thank you for a super first week back Robins 🙂 I hope you all enjoy your weekends and I will see you on Monday.

Love Miss Spencer x

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