Sycamore Learning Blog: End of Summer 1

By Mr Hall on Friday, May 25, 2018 in News. No Comments

Hello everyone, and welcome to the last blog post of Summer 1! What a crazy half term it has been, I can’t quite believe it is all over already. The days keep turning into weeks and the weeks pass faster than ever. The children have worked so hard and done so well over the last six weeks, so here’s just a little summary of what we’ve been up to…

  • Became secret agents
  • Been bakers for an afternoon
  • Made bug hotels
  • Spent the morning as a sculptor who uses natural materials
  • Learned to play rounders
  • Became experts on the internet
  • Learned how to do maypole dancing
  • Became environment saving eco-crusaders
  • Learned about our home, the UK
  • Visited Scotland (via Katie Morag)

…and a whole lot more! In particular, I want to say a big well done to all the children for completing their Secret Agent Training this half term. They were given some top secret tasks to complete, tried their hardest and (I hope) really enjoyed doing all of the aspects of their Training. They can have a well-deserved rest over half term and charge their batteries ahead of Summer 2 – the last half term! Containing all the fun of the summer show, a trip to Weston and lots of sun (hopefully). If you want to keep things ticking along, we have sent home 4 half term reading books and I have set a Sumdog division challenge for a little bit of maths practice.

Thank you for reading – enjoy half term week, and I’ll see you all soon!

Mr Hall 🙂

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