Robins- Summer 1 Week 4

By Hannah Spencer on Sunday, May 13, 2018 in Year 1. 1 Comment

Hello super star Robins!

Well I think I need to begin this weeks blog by saying HUGE well done on your wonderful, amazing and spectacular assembly! I am so proud of the way you acted, sang and said your lines- you should be very proud of yourselves to!

I think we all really enjoyed our English lessons  this week as we began looking at a new story. First we looked carefully at one illustration from the story and you all wrote some super sentences about what you could see happening in the picture, for example, pink flamingos flying through the breeze. Then we looked closely at one sentence from the story and we agreed the author had written a very good sentence as it gave us lots of detail. You then had the tricky task of writing your own sentence based on the one from the story and you did a wonderful job. We had things like ‘As the morning sun rises on the African Savannah the serval peeks behind the wavy grass’.

In Maths this week we have been looking at halving. We first looked at halving numbers and drew circles with a line down the middle to help us work out our answers. I wonder if you can calculate half of these numbers?

Half of 8?

Half of 12?

Half of 16?

Then we looked at halving shapes and objects and we investigated how not all shapes can be halved and not all shapes can be halved more than once.

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend Robins and I look forward to seeing you tomorrow 🙂 We are going to be having  Royal Wedding Day on Friday 18th May so you are allowed to come into school wearing something red, white or blue or a mixture of all three!

Love Miss Spencer x

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  • Sophie Longworth says:

    Dear Miss Spencer
    Half of 8 is 4. Half of 12 is 6 .Half of 16 is 8. I hope you had a very fun weekend. I enjoyed the english lessons.
    love from Sophie