Sycamore Learning Blog: Summer 1, Week 4

By Mr Hall on Friday, May 11, 2018 in News. 2 Comments

Hello everyone! Welcome to a quick learning blog update from this week. The children have had a lovely time doing some very different activities this week – read on to find out more!

In maths this week, we have been learning about movement, direction and turns. The children had a go practically, by following and issuing commands to travel around the classroom, hall and playground. They used language such as forwards, backwards, quarter and half turns, as well as clockwise and anticlockwise. The children also had fun using the Beebot App on the iPads, and following a treasure map full of directional instructions!

We linked together our English and Science this week by talking all about our wonderful world. We were introduced to our new Power of Reading book, ’10 Ways to Save the World’, and thought about things in the news recently, such as the problem of throwaway plastic. In Science, we looked at the habitats different creatures live in, whether they are in woodland, desert, ocean or even around school! We also looked at microhabitats that minibeasts live in, such as under rocks, logs and in leaf piles. We then made our own bug hotels that we thought creepy crawlies might like to live in!

Thanks for reading the blog this week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and see you on Monday!

Mr Hall 🙂

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  • James Longworth says:

    Dear Mr Hall,
    I enjoyed this weeks maths lesson based on movment and directions. My favourite part in the week was we when we made the bug hotels. I am worried about plastic. I am going to make a tally chart of how much plastic we use
    See you on Monday
    from James

    • Mr Hall says:

      Hello James! I’m glad you enjoyed our practical lessons on movement and direction. Your bug hotels were fantastic! Let me know how much plastic you count up at home, and help to save the world! Mr Hall 🙂