Sycamore Learning Blog: Summer 1, Week 1

By Mr Hall on Friday, April 20, 2018 in News. No Comments

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Sycamore learning blog! I hope you all had a good long Easter break, and are currently enjoying the glorious sunshine outside. The children have come back ready and raring to go, and have managed to do lots of brand new learning in just the first week back! Read on to find out more…

We introduced our new topic, the Seaside, on Monday. There will be lots of exciting things ahead of us in our topic this half term, and we began the week by looking at a new book. Most of the children instantly recognised the character of Katie Morag, and were interested to find out what happens when she kicked her old teddy bear into the stormy Scottish sea… The stories will link well with our learning about places near the seaside and on the coast, as well as exploring different localities in the UK. Later in the week, the children wrote a note to Ted, pretending to be Katie Morag, saying how sorry they were for treating him badly. We’ll find out what happens to him next week!

In Maths this week, we recapped our learning on fractions, including using a bar model to find three quarters of a number. This was a tricky skill that the children worked really hard at and picked up surprisingly quickly! We then ended the week by beginning our next maths topic on measuring length and height. We discussed the different units and apparatus for measuring, before applying it in practical contexts. We measure classroom objects, string and even our own height!

In PE with Mr Coley this week we began to learn how to play rounders, and as we are well into springtime, we also began to do some Maypole dancing in the hall. In Geography, we looked at identifying the countries, capitals and seas around the UK, and started our focus topic on the Scottish island of Coll, which links to the story we have been reading as well! And in Science, we began our learning on living creatures, which also considered looking at things that are non-living and had never been alive.

What a busy week it’s been! Just a few notices for parents this week. Due to the very warm weather we’ve had at the end of this week (that might not last!) we would like to encourage the children to come to school with sunhats, suncream pre-applied before school (speak to us if your child has any additional needs) and water bottles to help them in the heat. Also, on Friday we sent home some information leaflets for parents about the End of Y2 assessments that will be carried out this half term. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to come and ask.

Thanks for reading, enjoy the weather while it lasts this weekend, and see you all on Monday!

Mr Hall 🙂

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