Sycamore Learning Blog: Spring 2, Week 3

By Mr Hall on Friday, March 16, 2018 in News. 2 Comments

Hello everyone, and welcome to another Sycamore Learning Blog! It’s been another very busy week, so read on to find out what we have been up to…

In Maths this week, we have been looking at 2D and 3D shape. We looked at comparing and exploring the differences between them, as well as describing their properties and using our learning to solve problems. See if you can investigate how many different 3D shapes you can find at home over the weekend, and what you can remember about their faces, edges and vertices. If you fancy a challenge, bring some homework in to show me on Monday and you can move your name straight to gold!

In English, we have begun our learning on the Great Fire of London, and started off by assuming the role of fire investigators. We looked at how to stay safe at home, before writing our own report to offer people advice on preventing fire risks in the kitchen.

In Art this week, we have started to created the backgrounds for our ‘Scream’ inspired Edvard Munch portraits. The children used different media, such as paint, wax crayon, collage and watercolour to create different styles of backgrounds, before we will add a truly horrifying screaming picture – a photograph of the children’s faces! We can’t wait to show you when they are finished.

We have also been practicing our assembly this week, which I accidentally wrote in last week’s blog as being on Friday 23rd March – apologies! Due to a date change, the assembly will be taking place next Thursday 22nd March. We would love for you all to be there! Thank you to everyone who has been helping the children learn their lines. Please could you start sending in costumes next week so they will be ready for the big performance! I have asked some children to write a little book review for the show as well, and some will be singing and dancing. I have attached the YouTube video of our song to learn below, if you want to have a practice over the weekend!

Just a couple of notes for parents. A reminder that on Monday and Tuesday next week, we will be taking part in Sport Relief, so the children can come to school both days in their own sporty clothes. And there have been a few more coughs and sniffles around school this week (letters have been sent home to explain in more detail), so we will be encouraging the children to be washing their hands extra carefully to reinforce the importance of hygiene.

Thanks for reading this week – have a lovely weekend while the sun is out, and see you all next week!

Mr Hall 🙂

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  • James Longworth says:

    Dear Mr Hall,
    I am enjoying the song. I hope the snow goes away soon! I am looking forward to sport relief day. See you on monday.
    from james

  • James Longworth says: