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By Beth Reid on Monday, March 12, 2018 in News, Reception. No Comments

Hello Ladybirds!

I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and all of the mummies and grandmas/nannies have had a very Happy Mothers Day! Thank you mums, grandparents and dads for coming to see the children in their Mother’s Day assembly. They have worked so hard to prepare such a special assembly for you and they certainly did it well. I was so proud of them as I know you were too.! I hope you have all enjoyed your biscuits and reading your poems!

Not only have the children worked hard for their assembly this week, they have still worked extremely hard with their learning too! During Maths this week, the children have been practising their addition. They were introduced to the part, part, whole concept. It was discussed how the two parts are the two amounts that you add together to make the whole. This is going to be revisited over the upcoming weeks for the children to keep practising.

During Literacy the children have been practising their handwriting and practised the letters “c and a”. We are now onto our curly caterpillar letters! Can you show your adults how you write your caterpillar letters Ladybirds? The children have also been writing a set of instructions. After we baked the biscuits for Mother’s Day, the children recalled the steps of the baking process and then we attempted to write down the instructions. We have also been developing our target of ‘writing at length’ which means the children are having a good go at writing 3 or 4 sentences independently. The children are most certainly developing their confidence with this but we will continue this for some time…working on using our phonics, knowing when to put a full stop and making our sentences interesting using describing words.

PE with Mr Coley is all about tennis. We have been practising our ball control with a smaller ball. We have also been practising working with a partner, sharing one ball and practising using the tennis rackets. Remember we have PE on a Monday this half term.

There has been a range of arts and craft this week at the creative table. We went from creating snow pictures… to creating beautiful Spring flowers! Thank you to our wonderful weather 🙂

In music this week we had Mrs Vaughan teach us beat competency, we used different instruments where the children had to beat in time with the music, varying pace also. The also practised the songs for our Easter service that is fast approaching. Why don’t you sing some of the songs to your adults at home to get some extra practise in? You all love Spring Chicken so I am sure your grown ups will love to hear this song….you are sounding great in class.

This week we are being taken over by Pirates!”  ( in terms of our Under the Sea theme, with lots of activities, maps and gold and silver treasure coins to be counting and calculating with)……will be fun! If you have any books about pirates that we can read in class please bring them in.

We are going to have a great week this week Ladybirds, :-).

Love Mrs Reid


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