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By Beth Reid on Sunday, February 11, 2018 in Reception. 1 Comment

Good Afternoon Ladybirds, I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, 🙂

We celebrated Chinese New Year early, along with the whole school by taking part in an enrichment day. The children had so much fun doing dragon dancing and creating dragons on the creative table.

In maths this week we looked at recognising coins again, also we looked at the challenge of ‘1 more’ and recalling and counting on numbers mentally, we also were challenged with representing these calculations on paper – more of this next week. We also looked at estimation.  The week ended with a focus on Ordinal Number – tied in with The Chinese Zodiac Story; ask your children if they can recall the story, can they tell you who came 1st? 3rd? Last?

In literacy we have been labelling parts of the shark and Tiddler – we have been reading and writing a lot about Tiddler and the children have thoroughly enjoyed it. Ladybirds how about showing your adults how you have been labelling by labelling things around the house or draw them a picture and label it?

In the classroom on Tuesday the children had real fish to study and draw, focussing on scale pattern and colour. The children were really amazed that we had real fish on a tray in the middle of our creative table!

We also had a message off Tiddler this week saying he would like to make a boat but didn’t know what materials he would need as in the story there was a boat that was at the bottom of the ocean and another one floating at the top. He needed our help to decide what materials he would need to so we investigated lots of different objects to see what would float and what would sink. The children then went to the carpet and made boats, :-).

Work of the Week goes to Holly for super drawing of the real octopus we had on Tuesday. Holly took great care and put lots of detail onto her drawing! Well done

Have fun looking through the photo’s and don’t forget Play and Learn this Thursday 9-10am.

See you tomorrow. Love Mrs Reid


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  • Lizzie F says:

    Amazing! What a busy week. I didn’t hear about half of this – so useful to have the blog!