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By Alyson Merrifield on Friday, February 9, 2018 in News, Reception. No Comments

Gong Hey Fat Choy/ Gong Xi Fa Cai  Bumblebees! (Happy New Year in Chinese – Cantonese/ and Mandarin)

We celebrated Chinese New Year early, along with the whole school by taking part in an enrichment day. Children did lion and dragon dancing on the carpet, improvising with chiffon cloth and fabrics. Mrs Campbell, Amelie’s Mummy, came in to help the children write their name with Chinese characters, and practise Chinese calligraphy, whilst Mrs Zeng, Mia’s Mummy, assisted Mrs Nguyen in preparing and cooking Yuk Sung with the children. They used real knives to prepare the vegetables and were able to taste their creations after…yum! Thank you to Mrs Campbell and Mrs Zeng for volunteering and doing such a great job with the children – they loved you being there. Thanks also to Mrs Nguyen for getting through all the children in one morning whilst juggling a hot wok – a fabulous workshop!

In maths this week we looked at recognising coins again, also we looked at the challenge of ‘1 more’ and recalling and counting on numbers mentally, we also were challenged with representing these calculations on paper – more of this next week. We looked at estimation and played ‘Snap’ with Under the sea number cards. The week ended with a focus on Ordinal Number – tied in with The Chinese Zodiac Story; ask your children if they can recall the story, can they tell you who came 1st? 3rd? Last?

In literacy we have been labelling parts of the shark and Tiddler – we have been reading and writing a lot about Tiddler, he has been the star of the show in fact this week. On Tuesday Bumblebees were posed with a problem: Tiddler was out of water and needed to get back in his coral cave – but the water and the cave was 2 metres away, and the childen could not pick him up to return him home. Instead the worked together to build a transport system to ensure his safe return. Each group came up with a different construction, using drainpipes, construction blocks, jugs of water and other miscellaneous items. I can report that Tiddler made it home each time!

I had previously mentioned that something fishy would be happening this week and also on Tuesday children had the opportunity to dissect and explore fish in the outdoor area, (squid ink, mackerel hearts and sea bream eyes were a speciality!!). In the classroom children had real fish to study and draw, focussing on scale pattern and colour. Such fun.

Thank you Troy for returning Rory our Rights Respecting Rabbit, Troy explored the Right to play. This week’s recipient is Tyler – have fun with him Tyler!

Work of the Week goes to Jindan for super independent labelling of a picture and  Samuel for his calculation sentences he represented for ‘1 more than’ task. Well done

HOMEWORK – I have set 15 questions on Sumdog this evening, this will go live from 8am tomorrow morning, the focus is subtraction to help practise our subtraction skill built up over the last 2 weeks.

Have fun looking through the photo’s of this week’s learning and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Love Mrs Merrifield xx

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