Robins class- Spring 1 Week 4

By Hannah Spencer on Sunday, February 4, 2018 in Year 1. 1 Comment

Hello there Robins,

I hope you have all had lovely, relaxing weekends!

This week you have all become authors as we retold the story of ‘The Magic Paintbrush’. I was so proud of all of your stories, they were fabulous! We wrote our stories over three days and you all produced some fantastic work, complete with adjectives, interesting story language, such as, ‘all of a sudden’ not to mention full stops, capital letters and finger spaces.

In Maths we looked at counting on as a way of adding numbers together. We made sure we began on the greatest number- I wonder if you can answer these questions using the counting on method- 5 + 3 =?, 11 + 4=?, 14 + 5 =? Then we moved onto adding by making ten, this was really tricky learning but you did amazingly well! We used tens frames to firstly make ten and then added on any remaining numbers. This week will be looking at subtraction.

In the afternoons we had a lovely art lesson where you designed your own plate based on the willow pattern plate. You all really enjoyed this lesson and your designing and sketching skills are really impressing me. This week we will be using these designs to create our own plate using different shades of blue. In our RE lesson we thought about spreading positive ripples around our school. We thought about how we could spread these positive ripples and we had some lovely ideas, such as, being polite, always being kind and using our manners. In our Computing lesson you worked in pairs to create your very own pictagram, you collaborated brilliantly and used some tricky skills.

We also had a brilliant music lesson with Mrs Vaughn where you composed your very own piece of music using a chime bar and then we had the opportunity to share our music with the class. You all sounded wonderful!

I am really looking forward to another super week of learning and we also have our Chinese New Year day to look forward to on Friday!

Love Miss Spencer x



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  • Sophie Longworth says:

    Dear Miss Spencer
    5+3=8, 11+4=15, 14+5=19
    Love Sophie x