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By Alyson Merrifield on Saturday, February 3, 2018 in News, Polli:nation, Reception. No Comments

Hello Bumblebees!

February has arrived already, and I have noticed on my walks to school lots of green shoots appearing out of the cold ground, I am looking forward to Spring.

Just yesterday Bumblebees joined the other classes in reception with Mrs Nguyen and Mrs Drummond to investigate our outdoor areas to spot seasonal changes. They noticed many Spring bulbs in the garden, new buds on shrubs and trees and were really pleased to see the garlic and onion sets they had planted last Autumn, as part of our Polli:nation project, shooting and looking healthy in our vegetable beds. The children recorded their feelings, observations and understanding of seasonal changes for a display in reception.

Maths: We have been learning about subtraction and coins once again this week. We took a look at how we can represent coin values with Numicon – and the children explored ways of making 5p and 10p finding out that 10p can be 5p+5p,   5p+2p+2p+1p , 10 1p’s  and 2p+2p+2p+2p+2p……you may want to empty your change jar/pockets/purses and get you child to show you this at home or go over this again with them.

Our Billy’s Bucket focus has ended this week, with some super decorated bucket artwork and wonderful sea creatures created from paper plates and a variety of other craft materials – they look wonderful displayed around the classroom! Next week our focus will be on another character from our author of the half term,  Julia Donaldson. We will be looking at Tiddler – the children have heard the story before at storytime, but it would be good to refresh their memories before next week: if you have the book, please read to you child if not you can listen to it on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60Fdgw-YeJg


On Thursday the children talked about this week’s Super Moon, and were so enthusiastic that they did a collaborative ‘free writing’ session on the carpet – super child initiated learning! Well done Bumblebees.

In ICT we have explored art programmes on both Purple Mash  and Doodle apps. The children have really enjoyed this, some of their pictures are below. Please do go and explore your Purple Mash website – your password is the same as your Sumdog one, let’s start filling up your child’s virtual ‘trays’ on the site!!

In PE Mr Coley commented on how impressed he is with the class – their basketball skills are really improving, great control and balance and an increase in accurate passing too, good news.

Congratulations:  to Rebecca, Layla, Heath and Hudson who received their Certificate of Achievement in this week’s Celebration Assembly, really well deserved – keep up the hard work you are doing so well. Congratulations go to Hughie too, who was awarded our Values presentation for exceptionally Good Manners (our value of the half term). Also we have a ‘Work of the Week’ display, this week Amelie’s moveable collage work has been displayed for it’s wonderful composition and use of materials.

Thank you to Delphine for returning Rory, our Rights Respecting Rabbit, Delphine focused on The Right to Learn, i liked the super photo Delphine of you and your sister reading and learning. Our recipient of Rory this week is Troy, we cannot wait to hear about your chosen right Troy.

We celebrated our Right to a Name on Monday – and the children’s work adorns the corridor, making it light and bright.

We are looking forward to the arrival of Tiddler next week in the department….there is also something very ‘fishy’ about Reception next week…you will not believe your eyes, (or gills, tails, fins and scales!!) Watch this space……..

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

Best Wishes, Mrs M


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