Robins- Spring 1 Week 1

By Hannah Spencer on Sunday, January 14, 2018 in Year 1. 1 Comment

Hello Robins,

It has been wonderful seeing you all this week and listening to all of the fun things you did over Christmas! We started our week by introducing our new topic for this half term which is China! It is one of my favourite topics in Year 1 and we have so much learning to look forward to. We found a map this week and it lead us to Bounrville Bear’s missing suitcase, you were all fantastic at following the directions. Inside the suitcase we found lots of interesting artefacts and we did some thinking and wondering about what the items might be and where they might be from.

In Maths this week we did some learning about 2D and 3D shapes. You all wowed Mrs Ryan and myself with your shape knowledge and you did some great problem solving and reasoning. We looked at sets of shapes and you worked out which shape could be the odd one out, we looked at shape patterns and we looked at the 2D shapes we could find on the faces of 3D shapes.

In RE this week we all decided on a New Year class promise. We decided that ‘Robins promise to make our school a better place’ which I thought was a wonderful promise to have and I know you will all work hard to make this happen. We had an exciting Music lesson this week with Mrs Vaughan and you all had the opportunity to play a chime bar and follow a tricky tune.

Thank you for a super week back at school. Hope you enjoy your weekends.

Love Miss Spencer x


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  • Sophie Longworth says:

    Dear Miss Spencer
    I liked the music lesson. I have been practicing on my chime bars at home. This weekend I went to Chinatown and had a bun from the Chinese bakery. There were lost of lanterns like mine in the sky.
    love Sophie xxx