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By Alyson Merrifield on Sunday, January 14, 2018 in News, Reception. 3 Comments

Dear Bumblebees,

Happy New Year to you all and I hope you all had a super Christmas break. Thank you for all the kind words and gifts received by Mrs Nyugen and myself, we were very touched by this.

Wow…wasn’t The Sealife Centre GREAT?! Mrs Nyugen and I are very proud of you all; your behaviour on the train was impeccable and you walked beautifully with your grown ups

to and from the centre so well. A big thank you to parent helpers Karen, Liz, Maddy, Lauren and James for their support on the day and also Miss Chamkin who enjoyed being with

our class.


Pictures from the trip are below and I will put them onto the class gallery page too. There was so much to see and I was particularly impressed with some of the questions

Bumblebees asked our tour guide, sensible and relevant to our topic learning. Not only did we learn some facts about sea creatures, but the trip also allowed us to focus on listening

to instructions, spotting number and time at the train station and numbers on buses. Some children spotted signs, recognising station signs an shop signs – good reading



Other learning this week: in maths we have been investigating taking away objects , (we had fishes escaping from the net) and producing repeating patterns with shapes – this was

tricky. In PE Mr Coley has been honing our skills in controlling a basket ball, ensuring that we practise control of the ball whilst moving as well as standing still. We have been

sentence writing and practising handwriting and in art we have been painting underwater scenes as well as collaging background scenes in which to place our sea creatures that we

had to cut out. Our cutting skills are improving so much – well done!


Our class NEW YEAR promise is to: ‘Behave appropriately on the carpet’ – our carpet area is very important across school. It is the area in the classroom where we come together to

deliver input ( teaching and learning), have storytime, share ideas, talk with our learning partners, take break together and share an activity. Bumblebees are learning how to behave

and act appropriately for each activity/time they are on the carpet, this will help them prepare for Year 1 and expectations from here on in. You may like to discuss this with your child.


The children have created their own sealife centre ‘home corner’ with Mrs Gohil and have suggested ways in which they will use the area. This also reinforces ownership and

responsibility to look after this area. They will be researching and reading, making observational drawings, list making, fishing and counting shells and sea creatures in this area.

Super ideas Bumblebees!


See you next week!

Best Wishes, Mrs Merrifield.

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  • Jason Halstead says:

    Thank you for the weekly update. Rebecca enjoyed telling me all the interesting facts from her trip to The Sealife Centre. It sounds like everyone had a wonderful time.

  • Lauren Dunne says:

    What a lovely day had by all.. it was safe to say i was in bed very early that night! if you ever need any more help on trips do t hesitate to ask. Keep up the good work bumblebees!

  • Lauren Dunne says: