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By Debbie Barlow on Saturday, January 13, 2018 in Year 2. No Comments

Hello everyone

Happy new year and I hope you all had a lovely and healthy Christmas break. The children have settled down to their learning quickly this week and have worked really hard….

We introduced our new topic this week  – Cadburys and Chocolate. The children wrote about everything they already knew about The Cadburys and chocolate and in the process made a beautiful cocoa tree. They also planned what they wanted to learn about this half term. We also received a few gifts this week some red, yellow and green flags with a black star in the middle, as well as a picture of some hard yellow fruits. The children worked out they were the flag of Ghana and some cocoa pods! All confirmed by Emefa whose family comes from Ghana.

We also received a letter from a designer at Cadburys, asking us to find out all about Ghana to research a new chocolate bar they are making. We wrote a letter in reply, and have since become experts on all things Ghana! The children spent the last two days making a fact file about the country. See if you can tell your mums and dads something you have learned about the weather, the food, the land or the people.

This is  linked to our Geography work, so we recapped our knowledge of the continents and oceans, as well as locating the UK and Ghana on a world map. We explored maps, atlases, a globe. You could explore Google Earth (a brilliant, free online resource to get the children interested in exploring the world!)

In Maths this week, we have been looking at money. We can now identify and count all the coins and notes used in the UK, and are beginning to combine them into amounts, including ones which contain both pence and pounds. I have set some Sumdog homework for the next week all about money.

In the afternoons we began basketball and gymnastics in PE and in Jigsaw we looked at our successes. We also began joining out handwriting and learnt the break letters. Can you remember what these are? We also varnished our clay poppies and decorated our new topic covers.

Just a couple of notes for parents. If you could please return any Homework books as soon as possible that would be great, as we can stick in the new homework sheet  for the half term. Also from now on it will be Mrs Gohill on Fridays as originally planned at the start of this year.

Finally, a huge thank you from myself and Miss McHugh for the lovely presents and cards we received before the Christmas holidays. We felt very lucky not only to receive such gifts but to be the teachers of such a kind, and caring group of children.

Have a lovely weekend, see you on Monday!

Love from Mrs Barlow xxx

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