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By Alyson Merrifield on Saturday, November 18, 2017 in News, Polli:nation, Reception. No Comments

Hi there Bumblebees, have a super weekend – you deserve a well earned rest after such a busy time playing and learning this week!

Your wonderful phonics skills were put into practise this week when you looked at CVC and CVCC words (C=consonant, V- vowel), very impressive blending techniques. I was bowled over by some of the children who really wanted to write their first super independent sentences about Elmer the Elephant. Just WOW! I have quite a few so will put these on our new Elmer display next week.

Our new shape display was completed after school on Friday….let’s see if anyone notices their work on the wall…(EVERYONE has a piece of work on the wall – well done Bumblebees, the pictures you produced were wonderful).

In maths this week we have focused on the formation of number 5 and ways to make 5 too…..see if you can tell your families Bumblebees how you did this using 2 hands and we used Elmer’s parade as a theme to demonstrate this in our books. This was also followed up in the maths focus work in our outdoor learning areas.

We also compared and talked about weight. Elmer had collected lots of natural Autumn materials and he wanted us to predict and weigh the objects to see which ones were heaviest or lightest. The children had fun with this and, working in pairs, were able to produce a sheet of work to explain their findings.

We have gone Elmer mad this week….the art activities have reflected this, we have tried different printing techniques, completed marble rolling prints, practised pointillism, and varied coloured media (felt tip, wax crayon, oil pastel and pencil crayon) on single pieces of work…all reflecting the grid and colours of Elmer the Elephant.

On Thursday and Friday afternoon Mrs Merrifield opened another ‘discovery box’ of random objects for the children to play with. I love this activity, as the children are self directed, fully collaborative and free to choose what to do with the objects. They made their play centred around Elmer’s Parade, circus and circus skills building in time to ‘pretend’ sleep and rest, ‘coach’ each other as they practised balancing on cup stilts. They danced, played hide and seek and made their play very purposeful……super imaginations Bumblebees!

Well done to Freddie for receiving the Values accolade for Trust from Mrs Merrifield this week, much deserved Freddie.

This Friday the children learned about Rory, our class Rights Respecting Rabbit. Bournville Infant School is a Rights Respecting School and each class has a mascot that one pupil each week can take home, choose a right (e.g. the right to play) and fill a page in our class book with a photo or note about what experiences they have had and shared with Rory relating to that particular right. More information about the scheme can be found at the Unicef UK website: https://www.unicef.org.uk/rights-respecting-schools/    our representative in school is Mrs J Mountjoy in Year 2, should you have any queries or feedback – she will be very happy to discuss them with you. Our recipient this week, who gets to take Rory home in his mobile hutch, is Elijah. Rory returns to us next Friday 24th November and will be passed on to another child.

On Thursday afternoon, work commenced on the refurbishment of our Bug Hotel in the reception garden. Reception children continued planting peas and beans and a sapling too, this was part of the schools commitment to our POLLI:NATION project. I am so pleased that the children are enjoying these enrichment afternoons.

IMPORTANT: SUMDOG ‘homework’ – Bumblebees Sumdog challenges have been set for all Bumblebees children today. 50 gold coins each are up for grabs! The challenges reflect the children’s current maths targets that were discussed at Parents’ evening and the skills that they have been building on over the past term.

Next week we will be looking at adding and subtraction strategies, more Elmer activities and continuing our work on the senses.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Merrifield


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