Oak Learning Blog- Spring term 1 Week 6

By Debbie Barlow on Friday, February 10, 2017 in Year 2. 2 Comments

Hello everyone,

Welcome to another Oak Learning Blog and yet again it has been another busy week full of learning.

This week in English the children became authors and wrote their own Roald Dahl Chocolate factory stories. The children really rose to the challenge and wrote some amazing and entertaining stories. I was so proud of their wonderful work but I do hope out trip on Wednesday is not full of all the mishaps that were in their stories!

In maths we have been learning all about 3D shapes and their faces, vertices and edges. We identified, investigated and sorted them. Maybe you could look for examples in the world around you this weekend.

In the afternoon we made maps of Bournville in Geography with a key to label the features and carried on with drawing in the style of Lowry in Art. In RE we explored working as a team. They had great fun passing a balloon along only using their knees and  then we learnt all about what Christians think about team work.

They ended the week with some exciting science work making a boat to carry some chocolate across a model of Lake Volta. They worked hard to predict, plan and carry out a fair test and had lots of fun in the process.

Children, next week we will be becoming chocolate makers and inventing and making our own new chocolate bars. Can you think about what you would put in your chocolate bar? What would you call it? What colour would the wrapper be? Have a look at some chocolate bar wrappers and  what is on the packaging. You could even collect some wrappers and bring them into school.

Next week it is our achievement for all meetings on Tuesday and Thursday. Please can you could make sure your child has handed in their steps for success folders (small white and green folder)  ready for the meeting.

Have a good weekend and wrap up warm

Love Mrs Barlow xxx

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  • Poppy Avards says:

    Hello Mrs Barlow, I have enjoyed this weeks learning. I am excited about going to the chocolate factory next week – especially because it is my birthday week! Love from Poppy. xxx

    • Debbie Barlow says:

      Hello Poppy
      I am glad you enjoyed our learning and I really enjoyed reading your story. I am looking forward to our trip too and how good it is in your birthday week! I wonder what you will have for your birthday?
      See you tomorrow
      Love Mrs Barlow xxx