Oak learning Blog – Spring Term 1 Week 4

By Debbie Barlow on Friday, January 27, 2017 in Year 2. 4 Comments

Hello everyone

Welcome to another Oak Learning Blog!  The children have had another busy week, with a few extra surprises!

On Monday as soon as we entered school we changed into our PE kits for a visit from Tagtiv8. The children loved playing the maths games involving the tags, and it was great to see them active in their learning and doing some impressive calculations and reasoning.

In English this week, we have been writing a fact file about Ghana as part of our Cadburys topic. The children researched the subject, planned what they wanted to write and then carefully wrote some impressive fact files. We even did a bit of cutting and sticking and decorating with traditional African patterns!  We have also been learning about the Cadburys, John, George and Richard, and the children used some information to deduce about their roles in creating the business and Bournville. We then did some exciting debating and tried to persuade other  children about which Cadbury was the most important.

In maths we continued our work on Money and moved onto finding change. We used number lines to count on and persevered well with this tricky concept.

In art, the children have started to learn about the works of LS Lowry, to  prepare for their art project this half term. In geography we compared Bournviille with a village in Ghana called Akyem Ofaose. As part of RE we reflected on how lucky we were to play and have such great homes, after watching how children in this village lived and even had to work to help their families live!

Just a reminder, we will  in the next couple of weeks be checking maths targets, spellings and handwriting target letters so get those final practices in! Your continued support is greatly appreciated!

Children next week we will be looking at poetry. Do you have a favourite poem? If you do bring it into school so we can read it or better still can you learn to recite it from memory! We will be writing some riddles. Try to find out what they are?

Thanks for reading this week’s blog, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I’ll see you on Monday!

Love from

Mrs Barlow xxx

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  • Poppy Avards says:

    Hello Mrs Barlow, I hope you had a nice weekend. I enjoyed doing my fact file and decorating it. I have been doing lots of homework at home about Ghana. I am excited to learn a poem to share with the class. Love from Poppy

    • Debbie Barlow says:

      Hello Poppy
      I am having a nice weekend thank you.I am glad you enjoyed doing your fact file. More homework – Well done! I loved the work you did all about Bournville and Lowry. I wonder what poem you will share with us all?
      See you tomorrow
      Love Mrs Barlow xxx

  • Noah says:

    Hello Mrs Barlow, I have been really enjoying all of my learning this week. Zoe and I sang our African song to my mummy on Friday, she asked what we were singing but we didn’t know! I am so enjoying having Raphael at home this weekend and I have been talking with my sister Amelie about how lucky we are to have a warm house, clothes, food and toys, I have even got a new pair of trainers.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Monday ,
    Love Noah ???

    • Debbie Barlow says:

      Hello Noah
      I am glad you enjoyed this weeks learning. The song is called Maliswe and you can see the video on week 2’s learning blog. I am glad Raphael is having a good weekend and I can not wait to see all about your rights respecting work. How exciting to have new trainers!
      See you tomorrow
      Love Mrs Barlow xxx