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By Debbie Barlow on Thursday, February 11, 2016 in Year 2. 2 Comments

Hello Oak Class

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks learning all about Chocolate. We have been on an amazing trip to Cadbury World and learnt all about the story of the first chocolate with Montezuma and Hernan Cortes. We also learnt all about Richard, George and John Cadbury and how they started our local factory.

We wrote some imaginary stories all about a visit to Cadbury World which did not go as well as ours! Inspired by Charlie and the Chocolate factory, Oak class got in to terrible trouble and lots of rescues had to take place. I’m glad our real trip had no mishaps thanks to your wonderful behaviour!

We also became Chocolate Makers ourselves this week and using our cocoa beans from our imaginary trip to Ghana we fulfilled Martin’s wishes and created a new Marvellous Creation chocolate bar. The air was filled with the delicious smell of melted chocolate as you worked hard in Mrs Barker’s packaging plant making your own new bar.

In Art we continued looking at factories and studied the work of the artist L.S Lowry. He loved buildings and thinking about the stories of the people that went  into these buildings. Using pastels we created some fabulous pictures in a similar style. I know how much you loved doing this and how proud you felt with your final work.

You enthusiastically made maps of the local area in Bournville in Geography.

In Science we planned a fair test to transport Chocolate in a boat across Lake Volta (or the lost property box!) Using a range of materials you worked in teams to create a boat and we tested them. Well done to the three successful teams. Only one sunk and we quickly identified how we could have improved this boat next time. I was especially proud of how well you all collaborated with each other. Its not easy to work in a group of 6 to plan, discuss, share, allocate jobs and make one boat but you did it in a very grown up way.

In maths we have been learning how to add and subtract with numbers up to 1000 and you have grown in confidence and become real experts at using visual maths place value charts to help you solve calculations.

Well done for all your hard work and effort and for always being well behaved and kind to each other. Let’s keep making links, thinking and not guessing and capitalising on all the help around us.

Have a good holiday,

LoveMrs Barlow x x x


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  • Lydia Morse-Brown says:

    To Mrs Barlow, I really enjoyed making chocolate bars! It was great fun! My favourite bit of making chocolate bars was being allowed to lick my spoon! Love from Lydia Morse-Brown

    • Debbie Barlow says:

      Hello Lydia
      Thank you for blogging to me. I enjoyed making our chocolate bars too. There were lots of chocolatey faces on that day.
      Love Mrs Barlow x x x