Swan Class – Spring Week 5

By Katie Glover on Sunday, February 7, 2016 in Year 1. 6 Comments

Hello Swans,

I hope you have had a nice weekend, it has been rather wet and windy outside! Last week was another hard working week in the Swan classroom. We drew our willow pattern designs onto paper plates, next we will be painting them using blue paint and thin brushes. We learnt all about suffixes and how adding a new ending to a word can change it. Can you make new words and sentences using strong, long, old, walk, play by adding -ed, -er or -est?

We enjoyed our class mini disco as our chosen treat for winning the golden tokens. You chose lots of different songs and everyone had the chance to dance!

Next week we will be busy checking our core reading words and spellings and also setting new mental maths targets. Not to forget our Chinese restaurant on Friday! I’m looking forward to my spring roll…

Love Miss Heaven x

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  • Isabel keil says:

    Hello Miss Heaven,
    I enjoyed putting ed er and est on the end of words and the willow pattern designs. I also liked the maths we did today. I’m very excited about the Chinese restaurant!
    Isabel xxx

  • Evan Lovering says:

    Dear miss heaven,
    I had fun at the Chinese restaurant. I liked having my mum there.
    Love Evan xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Rafe Smith says:

    Dear Miss Heaven,
    Hello it is Rafe here. What have you been doing? I have been practising a lot of maths. I like Mathletics. I am using Mummy’s numicon and getting lots of stickers.

    • Miss Heaven says:

      Hello Rafe! That sounds FANTASTIC! Well done you. How lucky that Mummy has lots of stickers, I’m glad you are working hard with the Numicon. I wonder how many ways you can make 10 now 🙂 x