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By Charlotte Ransom on Saturday, February 6, 2016 in News. 2 Comments

Hello Ladybird Bookworms!

So many of you are bringing in your books from home to share with Mrs Owens and I.

Lots of them are new to us and we are really enjoying sharing them with the other Ladybirds. Please try to be patient though as we have had so many  it is taking us a little while to read them all! Could we ask that if you do bring in a book from home that you put your name inside.

Alternatively you could blog about your favourite book or one that you have recently enjoyed. Remember to include the title, author, illustrator and what the book is about. You could also say why you enjoyed it. A grown up could help you to blog this if you need to.

Keep up the reading at home Ladybirds and remember to look out for those core words you know. In fact how many core words can you see in this blog? Blog and let us know!

Enjoy the rest of this very wet and windy weekend!

Love Miss Ransom and Mrs Owens x

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  • James Longworth says:

    My favourite book is Scary Bones the Skeleton. It is by Ron Dawson. There are two pirate
    skeletons and there is a funny dinosaur-bone ship. Scary Bones helps two children called Sasha and Ben find some pirate treasure.

  • Reina says:

    My favourite book is Frozen, and I brought it to school and put it on the laptop table. In Frozen, Elsa has a magical power to freeze things, and her ice hit Anna. Anna helps Elsa to control her power and bring back summer. I love Elsa’s blue dress and Olaf’s carrot nose. I am scared of Marshmallow.