Y2 Trip to Cadbury World

By Mr Hall on Thursday, January 28, 2016 in News. 8 Comments

Hello again everyone, and welcome to a very special blog post! Yesterday, Year 2 were lucky enough to visit Cadbury World to experience some local history and enrich their learning on the Cadburys topic (and also eat some chocolate along the way!)

Early in the morning, we set off on the short walk across the road, with our noses filled with the smell of chocolate from the factory. When we arrived, we were fortunate to be the first school let inside! We embarked on an epic tour, learning more about the Aztec discovery of chocolate and how it was brought to Europe.

Quick Quiz

1. What were the famous Spanish conquistador and Aztec emperor called?

Afterwards, we learned about John Cadbury and how he began his chocolate business, and how this was developed by his sons Richard and George, who eventually created the factory and village of Bournville!

Quick Quiz

2. What did John Cadbury sell before chocolate?

Then, we learned how chocolate is made today, before beginning our tour of the factory. We were able to see all of the machines in action packaging up hundreds of bars of Dairy Milk (with a little help from Poppy and Jack’s dad!) After, we finally got the chance to sample some melted chocolate ourselves, with a choice of toppings! What did you have on yours?

Finally, we went outside to experience the fantastic 4D cinema, with wind effects, bubbles and moving chairs. It felt as if we were on a real rollercoaster! Sadly, we then had to leave and come back to school, but we were all excited about the amazing adventure we had to Cadbury World!

Final Quick Quiz Question

3. Why did pirates NOT steal cocoa beans from the Spanish ships?

So there we are! Have a look through the photos, and let me know in the comments below what your favourite part of the trip was, as well as your answers to the Quick Quiz questions!


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  • Theo smith says:

    Hi mr hall I really want to go back to Cadbury world and have some fun!

  • Amelie says:

    Hi Mr Hall, thank you for taking us on the trio to Cadbury World, it was my favourite day this week! The answer to question 1 is Hernan Cortes and Montezuma.. Question 2, tea and coffee?? Question 3, the Pirates thought it was sheep’s poo! My brother Noah thought that was very funny! I enjoyed eating my melted chocolate with Jelly Babies and buttons and my crunchier bar on the way home from school! ?? I’m sorry you didn’t get any chocolate to take home! Love Amelie ?

  • kiran says:

    I answered all the questions (answers first Hérnan cortes and Montezuma. sec drinking chocolate. third because thought they were sheep droppings.)

  • Megan Knight says:

    Hello Mr Hall
    My favourite thing was eating the chocolate.I had jelly beans and marshmallows with my chocolate.I have learned that pirates think cocoa beans are sheep droppings!
    love from Megan

  • Theo smith says:

    I loved having the melted chocolate with the toppings

  • Lottie says:

    Hi Mr Hall
    I had a great time at Cadbury’s World. I especially liked when we had our chocolate but my favourite part was the 4D experience. It was EPIC!
    from Lottie Roberts

  • Vasileios Gogouvitis says:

    Moctezuma had loads of hot chocolate

  • Vasileios Gogouvitis says:

    you mean 3D not 4D