Happy New Year

By Kate Bailey on Tuesday, January 5, 2016 in News. 6 Comments

Happy New Year Ladybirds! It was lovely to see you all again today and hear all your stories about your holidays with your families. Well done to all those who brought in to school their Christmas writing projects, it was great to share these with the class today. We have been very impressed with how you have been doing with your maths targets, lots of you now can count backwards from twenty 🙂  Maybe if you have already mastered this you could try adding and taking away one, two or three from numbers between one and twenty.

It’s been exciting finding all these sea life clues in class, hasn’t it – I wonder who has been leaving them for us?

Thank you again for your kind Christmas gifts and cards.

Love Mrs Owens and Miss Ransom

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  • Charlotte says:

    happy new year mrs owens and miss ransom.

    10-3=7 20-2=18 17-3=14

    I think billy left the clues.

    I am excited to go to the sealife centre.


    • Charlotte Ransom says:

      You are really doing well with your maths target! Well done for Building your Learning power! Put a token in the jar when you have read this message!
      Miss Ransom

  • Jenny Owens says:

    Excellent Charlotte – keep up the hard work!
    I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun tomorrow.

    Love Mrs Owens x

  • Reina says:

    Happy new year Mrs owens and miss ransom. Did you like my Christmas letters? I had so much fun with Emily and Marcus. Did you see the photos?

    Count to 20 and then backwards..? Okay…

    The train trip to sea life centre was a lot of fun! I walked so much and held jessica’s hands. Can we go there again please? 🙂

    Reina xx

  • Jenny Owens says:

    Hi Reina,
    Well done for practising your counting. 🙂
    Yes, I enjoyed looking at your Christmas writing very much – keep it up!
    I am so glad you enjoyed your visit to the Sea Life Centre.
    Enjoy your weekend.

    Love from Mrs Owens x